If you are on Facebook, as almost everyone is, you can message us through one of the following Facebook pages; South East Queensland Photo Shoots or Passionate About Photography or one of the other Facebook pages listed on the Links page of this web site.. Alternatively, you can send an email or an SMS 0403 543 827


Most of the photos taken through the Ahead Foto web site will be taken by me. My name is Ian McKenzie. Photography has been an interest of mine for over the last half century. Yes, you are right, I am fairly old.

I am not sure when an “interest” becomes a “passion”, but I have been described by others as being passionate about photography. And, I am okay with being given that attribute. In fact, Passionate About Photography is the title I have given to one of my web sites, and it is also the title of a Facebook page I manage.

I do work closely with several other photographers, and some of these talented people may be involved in some of my shoots.

Clicking on my photo to the left will take you to my Linkedin business profile where, if you are interested, you can read more about me, my background and other interests apart from photography. If you also are on Linkedin, it would be great to link up with you. If you are not already there, you may like to join. It is free.

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