“Ins and Outs” is a colloquial term that is used to refer to details about how things are done. More about that a bit later, but first I want to mention a few points about the choice of shooting indoors or outside shoots.

Your head and portrait shots may be taken indoors or outside, or both. Natural light is our preferred option, whether inside or out. However, we do have lights, reflectors and shades etc., to modify the lighting when we need to. Our advertised shoots on Facebook are nearly all outdoor shoots. We are happy though to discuss with you the various options for whatever you may have in mind for your proposed shoot(s).

Now back to the “Ins and Outs” of our shoots.

We do not charge up front fees for our shoots, except when a private shoot is planned for just one or two people and we ask for a deposit of $100. After our shoots, and after you have viewed the edited photos from the shoot, you have the choice of whether or not you order any high resolution file copies, prints or other photo products from the shoot. We trust that the high quality of our work will encourage you to make a purchase, but if you choose not to, then that is alright. We accept your decision and we do not get pushy.

However, we do have some expectations with regard to our shoots. One is that all models complete and sign a Model Release form prior to the shoot taking place. If models are under eighteen years of age, a parent or guardian needs to be present to complete and sign the form. This form confirms that the photographer has copyright over the files taken at the shoot. The model(s) may use any or all of the low resolution watermarked images provided free of charge, for web sites such as Facebook, or in emails. If high resolution non-watermarked files are purchased, the model(s) concerned may use these for web sites such as actors profile pages, or use them to produce prints and/or other photographic products for personal use. The files and any photographic products produced from the files may not be sold to others. The photographer only has the right to do this.

On occasions there may be a recognisable art work, other products or buildings in a photograph. If this “property” is owned by the model, we may ask for a Property Release form to also be signed. Pets are considered property also. Although they are invariably loved by their owners, most pets are not considered to be famous or well known. However, in the event that you owned a recognisable pet that is to be photographed, such as “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”, you may also be asked to complete and sign a Pet Release.

Sometimes plans have to be changed. If there is a legitimate reason that either the photographer or the model(s) needs to postpone or cancel a shoot, then adequate notice of this should be given. Except in an emergency, this would be a minimum of twenty-four hours. Please be considerate.


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