Head shots and Portraiture are our two favourite photographic genres. Many of our shoots over the years have been with actors and models who need to have a variety of different “looks” for their portfolios. We do like to get  to know our clients, as that helps us to help show their personalities in the end product. Most people feel more relaxed when they are at home than they do in a some photographers studio setting. We can quickly set up a portable studio in your home where you can easily have several changes of clothes and props. Outdoor shoots using natural light can also produce some lovely results.

Regardless of the venue or venues chosen, or by whom, the Share a Shoot option applies if the shoot involves three or more models. If a special shoot is planned for just one or two models, then a prior non-refundable booking fee of $100 will be required. This prepaid fee does not apply to reliable models with whom we have previously worked. If the shoot goes ahead, the prepaid booking fee will be credited towards files or product purchases.  See our Cost page for further details.

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