Photography shoots are more fun and generally result in better photos when there are several people involved. People interacting with each other tend to be more relaxed and natural. In addition, the overall shoot cost per person is reduced. There are a few ways in which you can be involved in a Share a Shoot.

Firstly, you are welcome to attend any of our regular group shoots in and around Brisbane.  Brisbane and area shoots are usually held weekly and every few weeks in other areas such as the Gold and Sunshine coasts. On occasions we even travel as far as places such as Toowoomba. A schedule of these shoots you will find on one or both of the following Facebook pages; South East Queensland Photo Shoots and/or Passionate About Photography.

Another alternative is, you are welcome to organise a Share a Shoot. This may be a preferred option for a group of business colleagues all wanting a quality head shot or shots for business profiles on business networking sites such as Linkedin. Or, perhaps you are an actor or a model and would like to organise a group shoot with your friends.

Why Share a Shoot?

Elsewhere I have mentioned that groups of people tend to be more relaxed and natural than is the case when shooting individual subjects with no one else present. Another more important reason for many people is the significant financial savings involved. Prices for receipt of high resolution files to download are on the Cost page of this web site. The prices for quantity purchases of files applies to participants in group shoots as well as individuals, provided the chosen file copies in the order can be delivered via a single digital download to the one address, or on a single CD or flash drive. As an example, the twenty-five high resolution files for $250 could be shared between several different people, provided the photos were all taken at the same shoot, and the files can be delivered as a single download, or on a single flash drive .

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